ARIADNEplus is the continuation of ARIADNE, a research project in archaeology funded by the European Commission that started in 2013 and lasted until 2017. ARIADNE aimed at the integration of European archaeological repositories. It created a searchable catalogue of datasets including unpublished reports, images, maps, databases and other kinds of archaeological information accessible on line.

The project proved to be so successful that it has been funded again and will continue until 2022 (and hopefully longer). Now named ARIADNEplus to underline the continuity of the new project with the previous one, it aims to improve it while maintaining the same methodological approach.

Besides forming in English an appealing acronym summarizing its purpose, ARIADNE takes its name from the mythological princess of Crete who helped the hero Theseus to escape from the Labyrinth, a building so complicated that finding the exit was an overwhelming task, perhaps impossible to any human: she gave him a thread – called Ariadne’s thread – which he progressively unrolled to keep trace of his way in, and followed it back to get out of the Labyrinth. Our ARIADNE will help modern researchers find their way through a maze no less difficult.

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ARIADNEplus is keen to get in touch with potential users and any other interested party, addressing their needs and requests within the project whenever possible.

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